Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Rockies Game

For Christmas my parents got us tickets to the Braves vs. Rockies game.  Anybody who knows us well knows the Atlanta Braves are our favorite team.  We looked forward to this game for months and when it was time to go, it was late April, 20 degree's and snowing.  The game was canceled.  It was a huge bummer but we picked a new game and we were just able to go.  It was such a fun night.  We got a babysitter for Kiersten, knowing it would be more fun without her (sorry Kiersten).  She's just too little and would have been tired and we would have had to leave early.  Nathan and I met Kevin at work, we hopped on the train and took it to the game.  It was really fun.  Nathan loves trains so it made for an extra special night.  He doesn't however like sports very much at all so the game wasn't interesting to him.  Hopefully he'll learn to love something athletic one day.

 Waiting for the train.  I think he's excited!?
 It's almost here! 
 Hot Dog time! 
 Having fun! 
 Special treat to end the night! 
 So good. 
 Going home.  Nathan thinks it's funny to wear

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